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Matthew Carlton Maintains Its Benchmark in High-Class Residential Properties Offered At a Discounted Deal

Mechanicsville, (July 08, 2016) - Real estate trends in Richmond and Mechanicsville are undergoing great changes! There are several real estate groups that have emerged. However, there are just a handful of names that thinks from the point of view of the real estate seller and the buyer. Keeping its reputation of an excellent name in the arena of real estate in Mechanicsville, Matthew Carlton offers discounted property deals to the buyers. And for the ones that want to sell house quick, the company gets the best of the foreclosure property and the short sale property deals as well, ensuring the seller a good price.

At Matthew Carlton we have the best understanding of the real estate market in Richmond. We buy houses in Richmond and make them available for any purpose that our customers might be looking for, both commercial and residential. Our approach to real estate goes way beyond the generic strategies that are applied by other real estate agencies. We take a step beyond and have an in-depth understanding about the customer pulse in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The company also takes keen interest in assessing the customer’s house in order to ensure that they get the best deal. Furthermore, there are professionals employed for the job that ensures that our customers don’t have to settle for anything less.

At Matthew Carlton we buy properties and also excel in other real estate services like guiding clients on the best way to invest in real estate property deals, selecting from the wide range of residential and commercial properties, provide assistance in foreclosure properties and short sell properties.

About Matthew Carlton

A popular name in Mechanicsville and Richmond, Matthew Carlton is one of the finest real estate groups that provide the best property deals at a discounted price, thereby offering value for money. The company helps clients with both commercial and residential real estate deals.

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Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc.
P.O. Box 729
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
Telephone: (804) 442-7681

Stop Foreclosure Fast


Find Out How you Can...

 Prevent The Bank(s) From Taking Your Home Away From You

 Put Fast Cash In Your Pocket If You Decide To Sell

 Use The Law To Help You Avoid Foreclosure

 Sell Even If You DO NOT Have Any Equity

We are a group of highly educated real estate professionals in Virginia that have proven techniques to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure in any state fast.  Get the peace of mind you deserve by educating yourself on your options.  We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation that will empower you to make an educated choice that is right for you and your family.

Don't are not alone!  Thousands of homeowners from all across the country are experiencing the same financial frustrations that you are.  Remember that you are not in foreclosure...your house is!  Take back control and download our free report today.

Matthew Carlton Keeps Ups it’s Proactive Attempts In Helping People Buy And Sell Properties In Richmond

Mechanicsville, (July 08, 2016) - The real estate scene in Richmond is really looking bright and promises to flourish in the forthcoming days! This is because successful real estate leaders like Mathew Carlton has ventured into the market and has been showing signs of steady progress in the years to come. Being aware of the customer psyche that either wants to have access to the best property deal for residential or commercial purpose or with an intention to sell house quick, Mathew Carlton takes a holistic approach to the real estate scenario in Richmond, thereby taking it to a whole new paradigm that spells success and great discounted deals.

As a leading real estate brand in Richmond, Matthew Carlton purchases any property that is vacant. “We buy properties in Richmond that shows the potential of a great residential real estate deal from the customer point of view. That isn’t all. We employ able real estate professionals as well. So we also deploy people that aim for a career in this vertical. Furthermore, our company is well equipped to guide people on making the best real estate investments and managing their residential property, in terms of selling it at a great price”, asserted a company spokesperson.

For the customers  that want to sell house quick, Matthew Carlton offers various options such as selling with a real estate agent, become a landlord, guiding customers to sell home themselves  and assisting the customers to sell the house to the company.

About Matthew Carlton

Matthew Carlton is a popular name in Richmond that provides mutually beneficial solution to all the housing and real estate demands and needs of clients. The company has been helping real estate sellers to sell a property without repair hassles and also guide the buyers on making sound investment decisions. The price deals are discounted and affordable.

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Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc.
4005 Orchard Glen Drive
Richmond, Virginia 23223
Telephone: (804) 442-7681

Sell House Fast - We Buy Houses


Are you trying to sell your house fast?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  On this simple website you can download our FREE, special report showing you how to sell your house within 10 days by completing the short form on the right.  You will immediately be taken to your free report where you will learn the secrets to getting a solid, all cash offer on your property within 24 hours.  Selling your property has never been easier no matter the reason as to why you want to sell.

 We Can Close In As Little As 7-10 Days

 Get A Firm Offer Within 24 Hours

 Sell Your House "As-Is" With No Repairs Needed

 No Commissions Or Hidden Fees

 Flexible Options Make Your Choice Easy


Divorce, Estate Sale, Probate, Tired Landlord, Foreclosure, Short Sale, Relocation, Job Loss, House Needs Too Many Repairs, Or Simply Want Your CA$H Quickly

Nationwide Wholesale Real Estate Deals


The National Investors That We Work With:

 Get Deeper Discounts Than Through The MLS.
 Have Hot Properties Sent To Them Daily!
 Spend More Time Making Money & Less Time Chasing Down Deals.
 Love The Hassle-Free Way They Can Acquire Deals Through Our Team.

We are a group of experienced Nationwide  investors, bird dogs, and wholesalers that have developed a system to uncover the hottest, deeply discounted deals in our area.  If you are searching for discounted Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Wholesale deals then simply fill out the form to the right and join our National VIP buyers list.  Once you do you will gain insider access to our "red hot" deals before the general public does!

Hello, my name is Matthew Carlton and we pay cash for houses all over .  If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, then we want to talk with you.  As a nationwide "We buy houses" real estate investing corporation, We specialize in helping homeowners sell quick for cash. There are many reasons why you would choose to work with us vs. selling through a real estate agent.  The main benefits is the fact that we pay cash, can close on a date of your choice, and whatever sales price we agree upon is a "net" number to you.  This means that we will cover typical closing costs and you will NEVER have to pay any commissions or hidden fee's.  Also we will buy your house in it's "as-is" condition.  That means you won't need to make any repairs or have to deal with a "picky" buyer!

Plus in many cases we can pay you TOP Dollar for your property.  This is because of my "buy-n-hold" approach to investing in real estate.

Our Simple 5 Step Selling Process:

1) Fill out the form at the bottom and we will contact you to learn more about your property and situation.

2) Next we will schedule an appointment to view the property and meet you "face-to-face".

3) Next we will create a unique offer to purchase your property.

4) Once we agree upon a purchase price, we will create a simple 2 - 3 page Purchase & Sales Agreement which we will both sign.

5) Finally, we will open escrow with a licensed closing agent (Title Company or Attorney) and quickly get you paid.

We offer many flexible and unique solutions to selling your  house fast.  So fill out the form below and we look forward to talking with you soon.


We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc.

Want to share your own experience with us?  Send us a note to let us know what working with Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc. has been like for you!

    Cody S.

“I started working with Matthew Carlton a couple months ago, and have seen firsthand their integrity. I will be doing deals with them for many years!”

    Matthew M.

“Larry Christian" is one of the most knowledgeable investors in Virginia.  If you want a property at a huge discount, Matthew Carlton Properties are the people to see.”

    Ivan R.

"I have worked with Matthew Carlton, and assisted them with their business development. Their marketing is already starting to dominate the market, and they will do nothing but continue to grow. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And, they won't be beat!"

    Nicholas M.

“Matthew Carlton Properties is your best resources for getting properties in at a great price. We’ll be buying properties from them for a long time to come.”

It’s Easy to Sell Your House Fast in Virginia Now

The real estate scene is really looking up in Virginia now than what it was for the last couple of years! This has made both the selling and buying of a house or a commercial property absolutely easy. So do you have a home that throws signals in your brain of “sell house quick”? If yes, then today you’ve got expert real estate brands to take care of the same and give you the best deal that you could have asked for.

Virginia Housing Solutions That Work for You

Today, Virginia has seen the emergence of esteemed real estate brands that provides mutually beneficial housing solutions that works with the real estate sellers at various situations pay cash and also close on a date that is preferable for the seller. These companies come with the motto of “we buy properties” anywhere in Virginia that is available making the seller benefit to a greater extent.

What can you expect?

When you join hands with such a real estate company in Virginia, expect the very best of housing solutions that exemplify the phrase “fast, friendly and flexible”, customized to the real estate sellers requirements. You are able to sell your property without encountering any of the repair hassles. The company also helps you with services like foreclosure properties and short sale properties. Furthermore, these companies are expert in all the necessary legal paperwork’s that needs to be done and are able to take in any house that sellers want to sell in its “as-is” state.


Count On Matthew Carlton for Guidance on Real Estate and Housing Solutions in Richmond

Have you been searching for a real estate brand that would guide you appropriately with the buying and selling of real estate properties? Would you need a real estate service provider to assist you to have a clear understanding of foreclosure properties and short sale properties? If yes, then your wait ends now. With Matthew Carlton you can have access to all the real estate guidance that you need to either buy or sell a property in Richmond. The company buys any property in Richmond that’s available and helps clients with their residential and commercial purposes. Other than that the company also helps clients to put all their housing concerns at the backseat and make the most of the property sale. The housing solutions provided are fast, friendly and flexible and cost discounted.

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How to Buy Properties from a Wholesaler

Ever heard of the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor”? It means “Buyer Beware”.

There are so many newbie wholesalers in the market who want to sell a house in that a lot of “deals” are just not deals at all. Some are just plain dangerous to take on. The current wave of multi-level marketing is “educating” wholesalers and setting them up for failure. I’ve been strung along by some pretending to be a “friend” of the seller, and unethical middlemen who have never declared to the seller that they, the wholesaler, will not be buying the property. I’ve had wholesalers lie to me to complete a deal. I’ve almost been to court because of bad wholesalers selling properties unethically.

Good Wholesalers of Realty

Most wholesalers that I work with are very ethical and provide a very valuable service. They are an indispensable part of my real estate investing business, and make it so that I don’t have to go out and hunt real estate as much as I used to.

The good wholesalers are the ones who:

Disclose to their seller that they are seeking to wholesale the property and/or they are cash buyers who can close on the property if a buyer is not found on time for the target investments property. A good wholesaler will disclose to the seller what they are doing so that there are no tricks, no cons, and no misunderstandings with the house they are wholesaling.

Evaluate the Investment Property

Your main job in buying from a wholesaler is to be able to evaluate each investments property to make sure it is profitable for YOU.

Don’t allow the fear that a wholesaler may be unethical deter you from buying wholesale deals. Think about it, when you are dealing directly with a motivated homeowner, do you know if they are ethical? Of course not. And, a lot aren’t. I’ve had sellers tell me they owe $50K on a house, and when I pull the title report there’s $150K in liens.

When you hunt real estate bargains, look at a wholesaler just like any other home seller in the field; no better, no worse. You don’t try to buy a house from a homeowner, and ask them to tell you whether it’s a good deal or not. It’s like asking a car salesman if you should buy a new car. Their answer is “Of Course!” You expect them to advertise the best points, and then you will make the decision, based on your own due diligence, if it makes sense or not. Approach buying a wholesale house in the same way.

Do Your Due Diligence on Realty

When you receive a wholesaler’s ad for a property, your first job is to decide whether to pursue it further or not. Quickly weed out those that do not meet your investment criteria or that of your investor group. If you are not interested in the deal at this point, there is no need to verify any of the info.

If you want single family rehabs and the ad is for an apartment building, you can quickly rule that property out. But, if the property does meet your criteria, then verify all the information. Use your own investment formulas, and create the offer that makes financial sense for your investing business.

How Much Profit Should a Wholesaler Make on Properties?

When buying from a wholesaler, find the buying price that works for you. Don’t worry about the size of the assignment fee that the wholesaler is making. As long as the deal works for your numbers, and you close on the deal, the wholesaler will be eager to bring you business again and help make you a little wealthier.

Sometimes it may seem like the wholesaler makes a lot of money for taking none of the financial risk and without doing anything to the house (usually not even taking title). But, you have to take into consideration the marketing effort that goes into attracting the motivated sellers, and the time requirement to sift through all of the deals, inspect all the houses, and negotiate all the deals, just to find the few that provide significant profit for both parties.

An investor I know recently shared this:

“I’ve purchased quite a few wholesale deals in my career. I’ve never cared what the wholesaler made because I negotiated a deal that worked for me and my business. Regardless of what the wholesaler made, I was happy with my profits. I didn’t care if he made hardly any profit, or if he made a huge profit. It was irrelevant to my calculations. All that mattered was that 1) I was getting a good deal, and 2) that it fit my property investments goals.”

If you can purchase at a price that makes financial sense, the wholesaler’s profit margin does not matter to you. If it is large, that just means that he or she did a good job locating and negotiating a great deal which made it possible for you to have this opportunity to make money from the deal. But, if you balk at the wholesale assignment fee or try to nickel and dime them down a few more grand, you may very well convince that wholesaler not to do business with you again. I’ve already scratched a couple of investors off my list just because they tried to change the deal at the closing table because they didn’t like that I was making $4-5K on the property; as much money from the deal as Realtors would have for listing it.

Creative Closings for Property Investments

If you are bringing a lender into the picture and having to get financing, you may have to work with the wholesaler to structure the deal to get passed some lending requirements. There are creative ways to avoid seasoning issues and assignment fees on the HUD1, and you will need to work with the wholesaler and the seller to get it done. Cash is king in this business, but a good wholesaler will work with you if you have your T’s crossed and I’s dotted to have your financing in place on any real estate deal.

Find your real estate job profile in Richmond

Have you been thinking of real estate deals when it comes to your job scene? Does the idea of studying the real estate arena in Richmond and thereby the desire to help clients buy or sell houses and commercial properties sound attractive to you? If yes, then it’s time that you come out of the hiding and claim your true calling as a career. Today, there are expert real estate companies in Richmond helps clients to “sell house quick” and are also looking out for talented individuals that can add to the company and thereby make a huge name as a real estate consultant.

Real Estate Jobs in Richmond

The leading real estate names are the ones that come with the objective “we buy houses in Richmond” and a vision to expand its talent pool. These companies are willing to recruit dedicated, energetic and smart professionals that will get the job done in the most effective manner. In return, the professionals can expect:

Amazing benefits both in remuneration and in kind in their job

Guidance and tutelage from the experienced agents as well as trained real estate professionals that are already associated with the company

The experience and other professional benefits of getting to work for a real estate agency located in a sub-urban area

Searching for Your Dream Job

Searching for your dream real estate job today is simple and easy! There are many companies that have their online presence and are hiring fresh talents. You simply need to do some careful net browsing and the follow up dedicatedly.


Matthew Carlton Properties Real Estate Sales

Nationwide Rent to Own Homes - Lease Option Houses

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Even if Your Credit STINKS: This FREE Report Will Show You How To Rent-to-Own Your New Home!

The Nationwide Home Buyers That We Work With:

 Get a Deeper Discount Then Through The MLS.
 Have Hot Rent-to-Own Properties Sent To Them Daily!
 Spend Less Time Searching for a Great Home.
 Love The Hassle-Free Way They Can Acquire a Home Through Our Team.

We are a group of experienced Nationwide investors, bird dogs, and wholesalers that have developed a system to uncover the hottest, deeply discounted deals in our area to Rent-to-Own.  If you are searching for a great home without needing a huge down payment or perfect credit, then simply fill out the form to the right and Get Access to the Best Rent-to-Own deals in the U.S.!

Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc.

(804) 442-7681

We Buy Houses Nationwide

My name is Matthew Carlton and I want to introduce you to the FASTEST, friendliest and most STRESS FREE way to sell your house.

We offer flexible solutions to your unique situation no matter why you would want to sell your , house fast.  We have CASH and do not need to wait on a banks’ approval for financing.  This makes selling your house to me quick and easy.

I understand that selling a house can be stressful – especially when you want to sell your house FAST because you need money quick.  I always try and run my business with the sellers experience in mind.  If I can meet with you, create a "fair" all cash offer to purchase your house, close on a date of your choice, and treat you with dignity and respect during the selling process...then why wouldn't you want to do business with me?  Of course you would.  That is why you should give us an opportunity to see what we can pay for your home.

We Buy Houses For Many Reasons:

- Facing Foreclosure

- Relocating / Job Loss

- Inherited An Unwanted Property

- Tired Of Being A Landlord

- Going Through A Divorce

- Just Don't Want To Deal With A Real Estate Agent Or Picky Buyers

We always conduct business with honesty and integrity and pride ourselves on the number of referrals we receive. Selling your house has never been easier...

With absolutely no fees or commissions on your part – is it worth a quick chat to see how we can help?

My name is Matthew Carlton and I Buy houses Nationwide! Kindly fill out the form on this website or contact me directly at (804) 442-7681.  Let's talk!.

Get Expert Help in Foreclosure Properties in Virginia

If you are in Virginia and want to experience what your life would be like without any unwarranted intimidations of foreclosures, then you certainly need the hand-holding of an expert real estate agency! Fret not. Companies offering expert housing solutions in Virginia are more prosperous than ever and you have more companies to help you than land you into trouble. Today, the leading real estate brands have their motto to “sell house quick” and provide a good deal to their clients and closing fast. These companies with their team of expert real estate professionals can guide you to save your home within as little as 48 hours.

 Benefits of Seeking Professional Guidance and Help

Do you want to sell your house for cash? If yes, not every real estate company in Virginia is specialized to assist you with the same. You ought to join hands with a company that offers advanced housing solutions, look at the real estate scene beyond the generic ways and can effectively manage your foreclosure issues. The benefits that you derive from such a service provider include:

Effectively preventing the banking authorities from confiscating your house or residential property away from you
Sell the property at hand even if you don’t possess an equity
Avoid dangers of foreclosures by knowing and then applying the correct laws and its implications with the guidance from expert real estate consultants and lawyers. 

Fill your pockets with fast cash the moment you decide to sell off your property

Today, the best companies are available online to help you with your real estate queries. 

You may know that property managers exist, but you might not know what exactly a property manager does. A property manager is a third party who is hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate investment. They can manage all types of properties, from single family homes to large apartment complexes.

The responsibilities of a property manager will vary based on their salary and the specific terms of their management contract, but can include the following:

Responsible for Rent

Property managers are responsible for setting the initial rent level, collecting rent from tenants and adjusting the rent.

Setting Rent- the property manager knows how to set the right rent level to attract tenants to your property. They have an understanding of the market where the property is located and have looked at comparable properties in the area.
Collecting Rent- they play the role of the enforcer. They ensure optimal cash flow by setting a date to collect rent each month and strictly enforcing late fees.

Adjusting Rent- the property manager can increase the rent by a fixed percentage each year, according to individual state and/or municipal law. They can also decrease the rent if they deem necessary.

Responsible for Tenants

One of the main responsibilities of the property manager is to manage tenants. They are involved in all capacities, from finding the tenants and dealing with complaints to initiating evictions.

Finding Tenants- property managers are responsible for marketing the property to fill vacancies. They know where to advertise and what to include in their ads. They also understand what attracts tenants, so they can suggest making cosmetic improvements to help makeover the property.
Screening Tenants- they are responsible for sorting through the prospective tenant applications to find the tenant that is the best fit for your property. They have a consistent screening process, including running credit checks and criminal background checks, which can decrease your chances of being accused of discrimination. Experienced property managers have seen hundreds, even thousands, of tenants, so they have a better idea of how to select the right tenants; those who will pay their rent on time, have a longer tenancy and create fewer problems.
Handling Leases- they are responsible for setting the length of the lease and making sure it has all the necessary provisions to protect the owner. This includes determining the amount of security deposit required.
Handling Complaints/Emergencies- they are paid to deal with maintenance requests, noise complaints and have the necessary contacts to handle emergency situations.
Handling Move Outs- when a tenant moves out, the manager is responsible for inspecting the unit, checking for damages and determining what portion of the security deposit will be returned to the tenant. After move out, they are responsible for cleaning the unit, repairing any damages and finding a new tenant.
Dealing With Evictions –when a tenant does not pay rent or otherwise breaches the terms of a lease, the property manager understands the proper way to file and move forward with an eviction.

Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs

Property managers are responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

Maintenance- they are in charge of performing preventative property maintenance to keep the property functioning in top condition. For example, they are personally in charge of, or must hire someone to, exterminate, check for leaks, landscape, shovel snow and remove trash. This maintenance aims to keep current tenants happy and attract new tenants.
Repairs-when there is an issue, the property manager must attend to it themselves or must hire someone to attend to it. They often have a large network of reliable plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other contractors.

Responsible for Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Law

Good property managers have a thorough knowledge of statewide and national laws regarding the proper ways to:

Screen a tenant.
Handle security deposits.
Terminate a lease.
Evict a tenant.
Comply with property safety standards

Responsible for Supervising

Other Employees- if there are other employees in the property, such as a concierge or security personnel, the property manager is responsible for making sure they are doing their job. The property manager can set their salaries and even fire them.
Vacant Properties- property managers are often hired to look after vacant properties to make sure there has been no vandalism and to perform routine maintenance. They also make sure contractors and other repairmen are completing their work in a timely manner.

Responsible for Managing the Budget/Maintaining Records

Property managers are responsible for managing the budget for the building and maintaining all pertinent records.

Managing Budget- the manager must operate within the set budget for the building. In certain emergency situations when the occupants (tenants) or physical structure (investment property) are in danger, they may use their discretion to order repairs or likewise without concern for the budget.
Maintaining Records- the property manager should keep thorough records regarding the property. This should include all income and expenses; list of all inspections, signed leases, maintenance requests, any complaints, records of repairs, costs of repairs, maintenance costs, record of rent collection and insurance costs.

Responsible for Taxes

The property manager can assist the property owner with understanding how to file taxes for the investment property.
The property manager can also file taxes for the property.