Using the Tenant Portal

The Tenant Portal provides you real-time access to information about your lease via the internet. From the Tenant Portal, you can:

  • Review and edit contact information.
  • Create and manage services requests.
  • View your rental details.
  • Give notice.
  • Communicate with the property management team.
  • Review documents shared by the owner or property management company.

Getting Started with the Tenant Portal
Access the Tenant Portal from your property manager's web site. While every web site will be unique, you should see an obvious link that takes you to the Tenant Portal Sign-On page.

Signing Up for a Portal Account
You can sign up for your Tenant Portal account at the property management company website.

From the Tenant Portal link, click the Sign up button.
Fill out all the required fields and click the Submit button. Note that the information you submit must match to the information on your lease file.

After you submit your request, your property manager will activate your account. When that is completed, you will receive an e-mail message from your property management team with sign-on instructions.

Sign on to your account to access your personalized data published by the property management team.

Signing On to the Tenant Portal
You must have an e-mail address to have an account to your owner portal. Your property manager uses this address to set up your account and sends you an e-mail message with sign-on instructions to your portal. In most cases, your e-mail address is the username.

If you forget your password, use the Forgot your password? link to request a new password. You need to provide your first and last names and e-mail address. Enter the same e-mail address that your property manager has on file for you.

Tenant Portal Navigation Tabs
The Tenant Portal has navigation tabs on the top as shown below. Click a tab to select it. The selected tab changes to white.

Your Tenant Portal may have some or all of these tabs and the tabs might have different names. For example, the management company may rename My Rental to Statements. However, the function of the tabs remains the same.

My Account: This tab provides an overview of your profile, your lease, and your contact information and lets you communicate with your management team.
My Rental: This tab shows lease details about your lease.
Maintenance: If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, this tab lists all your maintenance requests in  chronological order regardless of status.
Documents: This tab provides links to shared building, lease, or other documents posted by the property manager. 
Renter’s Insurance: This tab contains information about your renter’s insurance policy.

The following links are located in the upper right-hand corner of your portal and direct you to different locations.

Help: This link takes you to help topics for the Tenant Portal. 
Logout: This link closes the session in the portal. Always log out at the end of every session to maintain the security of your account.
My Account
The My Account page provides an overview of your account information and a series of options that allow you to manage your account. Which options are available depends on which online features your management team is using.

The My Account page provides the following buttons and sections:

Make Payment: If your management company is using online payments on the Tenant Portal, you can use this button to make an online payment for your account and to set up a payment account.
New Service Request: If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, use this button create new service requests.
Auto ePayments: If your management company is using online payments on the Tenant Portal, use this button if you want to set up an automatic ePayment for your rent.
Add Insurance: Use this button to purchase a rental insurance policy.
Community Message: This area is used by your management company to post messages to you and other tenants. 
Summary: This section shows your account balance and allows you to review your account activity. If your management company is using online payments on the tenant portal, you can also make payments here.
Renter's Insurance Policy: If you have a renter's insurance policy, the policy information is shown here.
My Contact Information: This section displays your contact information and allows you to manage that information and change your password.
My Open Service Requests: If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, this section allows you to review, cancel, and edit your open service requests.
Conversations: This section allows you to have conversations with your management team.
Renter’s Insurance Advertisement: If you haven’t purchased rental insurance, you see an eRenter Plan advertisement and can get more information.

Viewing Your Contact Information
You can view your contact information directly from the My Account page. The contact information includes home, work, and mobile phones as well as the e-mail address that is on file for you.

Click the View Detail link to view your contact information.

The following information is displayed:
First name
Last name
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone

Editing Your Contact Information
You can edit your contact information from the My Account page.                                         

From the My Account page, click the Edit link.
Update the relevant fields.
You cannot change your name. You can change your e-mail address from the View page, but not from the Edit page.

Click the Save button.

Changing Your E-mail Address or Password
You can change your e-mail address or your Tenant Portal password from the My Account page.

From the My Account page, click the Change E-mail/Password link.  
Update the e-mail address and/or password.
Your current password is automatically entered, but is hidden.

Click the Save button.

Conversing with the Management Team

You or your management team can initiate conversations. They provide you an easy way to communicate with your management team. For example, conversations can be used to ask basic questions that fall outside the scope of a maintenance request. All conversations are displayed at the bottom of the My Accounts page, with the full conversation thread shown in chronological order.

Starting a New Conversation
Either you or your management team can start a new conversation. Both you and the management team are sent e-mail notifications when a conversation is started. You can start a conversation form the My Accounts page.

Click the New Conversation link.
The lease displays automatically. If you have more than one lease, select the lease in question from the drop-down list. Enter your comment or question in the Description field.

Click the Save button.

Replying to an Existing Conversation
All existing conversations appear in the Conversations section of the My Accounts page. Each time a comment is added, the recipient is sent an e-mail notification. The comments are listed in chronological order, starting with the original comment on top.

To reply to a conversation, just type your response in the blank "Write a comment..." field at the bottom of the conversation

Click the Save button to post your comment.

Creating a New Service Request
Creating a service request is an easy way to inform the management team that maintenance is required. If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, you can use this feature to report a maintenance request, choose a time for the repairs, and attach any document that may be relevant to the process.

From the My Account or Maintenance page, click the New Service Request button.

Fill in all the relevant fields:  
Building/Unit: Confirm your address.
Requestor: Displays your name.
Description: Describe the issue.
E-mail Address: Confirm your e-mail address.
Attach Document: Browse your computer for relevant files and attach the file to the request.
Specific Location: Enter the location within your building or unit.
Priority: Identify how serious the problem is.
Primary Phone: Choose or edit your contact phone number.

Do you have a pet? Select "Yes" or "No."
Do you acknowledge the trip fee?: If your management team charges a service trip fee, you must acknowledge the fee.

Click the Save button to save and notify the management company via email.
If you leave a required field blank, an error message displays. Correct the errors and click the Save button again.

Reviewing, Cancelling, and Editing Existing Service Requests
If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, you can view your service requests on the My Account page. You can also review, cancel, and edit the existing service requests. The My Open Service Requests section of the My Account page displays the SR # (service request number), the date the request was created, and provides an Action drop-down list with options to review, edit, or cancel the request.

View Detail takes you to the Maintenance page and lets you review the details of the service request.
Edit allows you to edit the fields in the request.
Cancel option cancels the request. 

My Rental
The My Rental page allows you to review the details of your lease(s). The page is divided into two sections: Rental Detail displays information about your lease and the Ledger shows charge and payment detail on your account. Buttons at the top of the page allow you to give notice or print your lease summary. If your management team has enabled electronic payments, you can also set up an online payment account, make a payment, and set up an automatic payment schedule here.

Setting Up an Online Payment Account
If your management team has activated electronic payments for the Tenant Portal, you will be able to set up an online payment account and pay your rent online. First, you need to set up your payment account. Depending on how the management team has set up the Tenant Portal, you will be able to set up automatic checking (E-Check), credit card payments, or both.

Click the Payment Account button.

Select your payment method.

You can store both credit card and e-check information. The selected radio button determines the payment method that is used as the default method.
If you select the E-Check option, enter either your driver’s license or Social Security number for verification purposes.

The system verifies that the routing number is an active routing number. Always double-check the account number to make sure you have entered the correct information. Incorrect information can result in a returned check.

If you select the Credit Card payment method, you need to complete all of the fields.
For both methods, enter your billing address.
Click the Save button

Making a One-Time Payment
Once your online payment account has been set up, you can make a one-time payment. Note that online transactions can take up to five business days to process, depending on the transaction type.

When you make an online payment, the information that is shown to you and the way you make the payment can vary, depending on your account and the way the management company has set up online Payments. You may see some or all of the following features:

Minimum Payment: If you have an open balance, you may not be allowed to make a partial payment. In this case, you will see a Minimum Payment amount on the payment page.
Convenience Fee: If your management company charges a convenience fee for online payments, you will see the fee amount displayed beneath the Amount field.

Click the Make Payment button.  
Enter the payment amount, adding the amount for the convenience fee, if one is shown. Click the Next button.
Confirm the payment amount and click the Confirm button to process the payment.

To change the payment amount, click the Previous button.

To prevent duplicate billing, click the Confirm button only once.

Setting Up Auto ePayments
Once you have set up an online payment account, you can schedule an auto ePayment to automatically pay your rent from your credit card or checking account. You can choose a start date for recurring payments. You can cancel the auto ePayment at any time.

Click the Auto ePayments button.
Click the Schedule Auto ePayment button.
Complete all required fields and click Next.

If there is one, the convenience fee is displayed under the Amount field.

Confirm the total amount to be paid each time and click the Save button.

Deleting Auto ePayments
You can delete your auto ePayments at any time.

From the My Rentals or My Account page, click the Auto ePayments button.
Choose Delete from the Action drop-down list. 
Click the OK button to confirm.

Editing Auto ePayments
You can also edit your auto payments at any time.

From the My Rentals or My Account page, click the Auto ePayments button.
Select Edit from the Action drop-down list.
Change the payment  information, as needed, and click Next.
Confirm the total amount to be paid each period and click the Save button.

Editing Payment Accounts
You can edit the payment account settings, if necessary. For example, you may get a new credit card with an extended expiration date, or you may want to change your payment account from a credit card to a checking account. Once you change the account information, all payments are drawn from the new account moving forward.

From the My Rentals page, click the Payment Account button.
Click the Edit Payment Account button.
Select the option for the type of payment.
Edit the account details.  

Credit Card

Click the Save button.

Giving Notice
The Give Notice button allows you to notify your management team that you are moving out. This feature automatically notifies the management team that you have given notice.

From the My Rentals page, click the Give Notice button.
Complete all relevant fields.
Click the Save button

If your management company is using online service requests on the Tenant Portal, you will have a Maintenance tab. The Maintenance page allows you to view both open and closed service requests, edit current requests, and open a new service request. The requests are listed in chronological order with the most recent requests at the top. For each request, you can see the date it was entered, the issue, and its status.

The Action field allows you to "View Details" of the service request or "Edit" to change an Open service request.

Viewing a Service Request
To view a service request in any status, select "View Details" in the Action list for that request. In addition to viewing the details of the request, you can also view any documents or photos attached to the service request or have a conversation with the management team.

Changing a Service Request
To make changes to an existing service request, choose "Edit" in the Action list for that request. Make any needed changes to the request and click Save.

Cancelling a Service Request
If you want to cancel a request, begin by selecting "View Details" in the Action list for that request. While viewing the request, click the Cancel Service Request button.

Use the Documents tab to view building, lease, or other important documents shared by your management team. You management company may or may not include Inspection documents, as shown here. When a new document is uploaded to the Tenant Portal, you receive an e-mail notification.

Click the Documents tab to see a link to the document along with its size, date uploaded, and the name of the person who uploaded the document. To open the document, click the link

You need the appropriate software installed on your computer to view the document.

Renter's Insurance
The Renter's Insurance tab is only available if your property management company offers renter's insurance through the Tenant Portal. If this tab is available, your management company may offer insurance as an option or may require that your have renter's insurance as part of the terms of your lease. Once you purchase a policy and report that policy to the management team, the policy information is posted on the Renter's Insurance tab.

The eRenter Plan
If you do not have a renter's insurance policy on file with the management team, the My Account page includes an insurance marketing banner at the bottom and an Add Insurance button at the top. Use these options to research and purchase an insurance policy.

The marketing banner contains information on why Renter’s Insurance is important and specific information on eRenterPlan insurance. It also includes a special link to obtain a free quote from eRenterPlan. You receive a quote within minutes of clicking the Get a Free Quote link.

When you click the link, a pop-up notification lets you know that you are leaving the Tenant Portal web site. Click I Agree to continue.
At the the eRenterPlan web site, select the insurance policy options you are interested in, including personal property coverage, deductible (if available), and optional coverage, to complete the request for a pre-approved quote.

Click the Enroll On-Line Now button to complete the purchase online. You can also call the Customer Service Center at (888) 205-8118.
Referral fees for leads are earned only when you complete the purchase online. If you elect to call the toll-free number to purchase insurance, eRenterPlan cannot link the lead to your property.

Provide your personal information. The eRenterPlan auto completes the information for this step. If the information is not available in Online Enrollmentfields, you need to enter it. Click the Continue to Step 2 button to proceed. 

The address information is also filled automatically from the Tenant Portal. eRenterPlan checks that against the USPS database. You can update the street address but not the city, state, and ZIP Code.  Click the Continue to Step 3 button to proceed.

Enter the Policy Effective Date. The effective date can be the date of your move-in or you can start the policy on the next business day. Then, select a Payment Plan. You can choose a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan. Click the Continue to Step 4 button to proceed.

Confirm and accept the Privacy Policy and Effective Date of Acknowledgement. If you chose your move-in date as the policy effective date, you also have to confirm that you have not suffered losses prior to that date. Click Accept and Continue button to proceed. 

Select the payment type and click the Finalize Enrollment button to complete the process. 

Questions and inquiries about the policy and making claims should be directed to eRenterPlan Insurance. You receive a welcome email with contact information and a link for managing your policy online and customer service. 

Viewing the Enrollment Confirmation E-mail
Once you have enrolled, you receive a confirmation e-mail as shown below:

Viewing Policy Details on the Portal
The Renter’s Insurance page contains information about your policy purchased through eRenterPlan. If the property management team elects to record policies purchased through a third party, information on that policy is also available. Information remains available until it is deleted, even on expired or cancelled policies.

The Policy Docs displays the Policy Confirmation Document for policies purchased through the eRenterPlan web site. For policies purchased through third parties, the link displays the proof of coverage document you have sent to the property manager. 

Legal Disclaimer

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